Shoreline Study

Greenbank Beach & Boat Club, as well as entire Whidbey Island,  experienced severe, unusual winter storm damage during December, 2015 through January, 2016.  As a result, our approximate 70 year old  boat ramp broke apart & became unusable.  The Board, after several consultations with professionals, applied for an emergency permit & was able to repair the crumbling ramp. A geo coastal study was required by the Island County prior to issuing our 4 th permit for this repair.  This geocoastal report was completed April 1,2017 & handed into the IC Permitting Department April 3.  We have posted this study for your information.

Judi Moore

GBBC President

Boat Ramp Impacts Report text 3-17

GBBC SDP 312-16 Report 3-31-17