Island County Mapping Tools

Island County has two tools that can be useful to our membership. The Sheriffs Department has a mapping tool to show all reported incidents. These can be marine rescues, traffic accidents, theft and many more. You are able to view these reported incidents on a satellite maps and zoom into the Greenbank area.

The second link is a public interactive site that allows us to submit work requests to county maintained roads. Things like pot holes, resurfacing, mowing, ditch maintenance, trees down and many other road issues can be reported here. Currently the county is working on a request to drain standing water from a ditch and add a new culvert in Keesling. This request was submitted by a community member less than a month ago!


Both links will have a permanent home on the “Resources” tab on our website. Please feel free to explore.


Island County Sheriff Incident Viewer:


County Roads Maintenance Requests: