Covenant Information

Greenbank Beach & Boat Club (acting as Home Owners Association) P.O. Box 75
Greenbank, WA 98253

We hope you are enjoying this wonderful summer and all the activities our neighborhood has to offer. We welcome all the new members and say THANK YOU to existing members for their interest & cooperation with neighbors and the Board. Your Board has received many inquiries concerning the guidelines found in our covenants and, thus, are sending this covenant reminder letter to all owners.

Concerns from our neighborhood are mainly focused on height of hedges that are blocking our outstanding views of the harbor & surrounding area, home height regulations, unkept yards and lots and signs. Our neighborhood has experienced an expensive and time consuming previous lawsuit over the covenants and your Board seriously desires and works to avoid such a situation. We urge you to PLEASE read the covenants and be a good neighbor by continuing to dialogue with your neighbors over any concerns. Our covenants are listed on our community website ( and when purchasing your lot were given to you at purchase time. Both 1962 and 1964 covenants have been declared legal by Judge Churchill and are in force.

The process to use during a concern/dispute with a neighbor covenant violation is first discuss & attempt to resolve the situation. If unresolved you may write a letter of concern to the Harbor Estates Board and attend a Board meeting. The Board will send a violation letter to offending neighbor. If covenant violation continues a motion may be made to the Board to have the membership vote on proceeding with a legal action. An action voted to proceed by the membership requires the use of our legal fund savings and possibly a member assessment to pay the legal fees.

We have listed 5 of the following Restrictive Covenants below as a friendly reminder of covenants that appear to be in question consistently.

Again, we THANK YOU for caring for our GREAT neighborhood that enjoys a well kept neighborhood, the fabulous views, the beach, the boat ramp, the neighbor walks & gatherings, and the open spaces as well as surrounding forests. We value you all.

Greenbank Beach & Boat Club
( acting as Home Owners Association)

Holmes Harbor Covenants. height restrictions