Change of GBBC/HOA President

GBBC/HOA President Resignation

As the GBBC/HOA President I am resigning my duties after the September , 2021 Board Meeting. I have announced officially to our Board & members my intention to do so since January, 2021. All the legal documents involving our Board have been completed with the last IC Monitoring Document for the boat ramp tabulated by engineer Tom Slocum that I filed this September 10(due September 13). I will continue to remain as a Trustee til 2022 annual board meeting in order to support & assist the newly elected president. It has been a wonderful experience serving our community and especially becoming acquainted with our members. 

Over the past year I have consistently encouraged finding a GBBC/HOA President that possesses a commitment to uphold our HOA Covenants, understands HOA procedures, is able to utilize skills for Board & community problem solving, perseveres, & places our community needs first. I think our current Vice President, Cris Sanguino, meets those qualifications, comes with knowledge of our Board as having served for several years AND is willing to serve as temporary President until 2022 Annual Meeting. Her contacts are phone: 831-359-6816 and email:

Serving on our GBBC/HOA Board since 2011, first as a Trustee, I am proud of our Board’s ability to function cohesively, reconstruct our damaged boat ramp without any member assessments, obtain RCA Grants of close to $500,000 in order to study & obtain scientific facts concerning our tide gate & outfall pipe & beach changes, develop a community Greenbank Marsh Working Group, create a legal defense fund & create a website, maintain our beach property for the enjoyment of our members, and yearly publishing a balanced budget. There are many other successes that we have accomplished together (both GBBC/HOA and HHWC) over the past decade that are remarkable and amazing. This positive functioning was completed by all Board members serving in a cooperative way & I sincerely hope it will continue. Please volunteer.

Thank you all for your support, volunteerism, & ENJOY EACH DAY. 


Judi Moore